RakPah the Project

These photos were made to urge people to save the environment.

Part 01: Don’t let them become just photos. – อย่าเหลือไว้เพียงภาพถ่าย
Model: Ying Sarawanee (ig: yingsarawanee)
MUA & Hair: Thisjajaamakeup (ig: thiisjajaa)
Location: Neg Space
Projecter: Central Projector Service
Background: Sripoom Sasongserm, Frederica Diamanta, Lina White, Philip Swinburn and v2osk
Project Assistant: Napasraphee Apaiwong & Ronnawit Newyawong
Photographer: Magic Moments & Analog Occasions

Part 02: Just A Dream – แค่ฝันไป
Model: Pansa Vosbein
Photo: Magic Moments

Part 03: Protect – ปกป้อง
: Protect the world for future generations
Model ig: alisumyi
Photo: Magic Moments

Part 04: Save The Ocean
Model: Khaw Pan
Photo: Magic Moments

Part 05: Find the Missing Thing
Model: Ghasira Mind Pornnoppadol
Photo: Magic Moments

Part 06: Stop Burning the Future
Model: Thitanan Tessakarn
Photo: Magic Moments
Location: Neg Space

Part 07: I can’t breathe
Model: Thanhatai Sutasit
MUA: Jiratchaya Lapchaijaroenkij
Outfit: at.midi
Photo: Magic Moments

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